Hey guys, I've been meaning to expand my vinyl collection lately, and I know there's sites for it, besides ebay, where I can get new stuff, so I was wondering if anyone actually knew about them? It would help a lot, thanks! I know there's probably a LJ community for info/selling/buying/trading, but I'm just too lazy! :)

Elvis Prestier, the Beagle.

Hey guys! The power went out in my little town for a while, but it finally came back, I think everyone's running their AC's. Anyway, This week was good, I'm looking for a job now that camp's over, and tomorrow I'm going to go see my mom, which is good bc I've been missing her a lot lately. My sister comes home tomorrow from Ohio, where she got bit in the neck by a 55lb beagle named Elvis. Anyway, here's the dinner I cooked Danny Thursday :)

Then we went for ice cream, and Danny gave me these gorgeous butterfly earrings!!

Well guys, have a good night, and a great week!!!



Hey guys, I'm feeling particulrly wretched today. I just want to go somewhere that's home to me, but I feel like I don't really have one, and I haven't in a while. I don't know where to go anymore. I'm just really unhappy, I don't think I'll be around on LJ for a while, I'm thinking about dropping off the face of the planet. See you guys later, good luck with everything.


So, today was pretty good. My morning class was sports with a ton of annoying 5 year olds, and my favorite got a bloody nose, the poor dear. He was a real trooper though. Then I had cooking, which was so much fun today, I made gingerbread butterflies. Dan ate 3 of the 8 on me, one went to my Chef, who's preggers and needs the ginger, apparently, another to my boss and sister to share, another to my cutie pie Jaimie, and two to my mommy. I was very pleased with my decorating skills! Then I ran quite a few errands, and went to Daniel's. We had a lot of fun, just hanging out, watching this show he loves on 252 called "Locked Up Abroad". It's about these people who get roped into doing something illegal and getting stuck somewhere scary. It's actually really good. So then me and Dan went to the grocery store and he got me dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner, I was a happy camper!! Anyway, we've been doing a lot better and I've been feeling better about us. Tonight he promised me he'd take me to Disney for Christmas!!! I'm very excited, but I'm not sure if I really believe him yet, we'll see...

Pay day Friday!

So, as I'm driving home, my sister calls me and tells me there's animals in the garage, to warn me, since my apartment is above it. I get home and find these three precious babies in a box in the garage, of course I'm allergic! Sadly, we have to give them to the shelter tomorrow, I'm very upset about it! The orange one is Milo, the black one with white on his nose is Shemp, and the all black one is Ellie. Apparently, my aunt and sister found them on the side of the road, starving, eating their decaying mother's face.... very gory!!!


The Great Houdini

So this weekend was pretty tense. Me and Dan fought a lot, mostly over him never wanting to go anywhere, so I ended up going with my friend Josh to Six Flags (NE). I had a pretty good time, the new Bizzaro (superman) was amazing, and there were a few funny things, but my friend was a little weird, and he's been way more weird since then, so I dunno. Dan and I talked out our differences so I'm feeling a lot better, and I get paid Friday! Saturday I'm getting my Pokemon on at a prerelease, and I just got a friend of mine into Poke, so she might go too! It's going to be exciting! Anyway, here's my day at six flags....

Dan getting humped, creepy Dan, all the night before....

Me, angry Dan's not going.

Aww, but I was sleepy!

Almost there!!

Tranny Wonderwoman.

Lonely little boy... he looked so out of place at Six Flags!

My favorite ride of the day, Houdini!!!

Super excited, waiting in line for Houdini!

This. Is. My. Favorite. Picture. of. the. Whole. Day!!!


Like I said, favorite ride!

Leaving the Houdini ride... after the third time, I was a happy camper!
Finally got home, getting some! Aaron in the backround...

Well folks, I'll be back tomorrow night, and start posting regularly... need more friends!! :)



Hey guys! Boy it's been a long day. I had a terrible day at work, dealing with kids being bullies and other kids being completely traumatized... and then I went out applying for jobs, then found a super cute purple tank, which turned out to be a purple dress once it got home! Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys know about postsecret, and if anyone visits it every Sunday? Personally, I eat my Sunday breakfast by the computer and read the new Sunday Secrets. It's a great website,, which has new annoymous postcards on it every week. Some are funny, some are strange, and some are sad, you'll have to see for yourself, but I know that when I'm feeling down Postsecret makes me feel a little less alone!

Anyway, off to another hectic night, promise to write something much more interesting tomorrow, I hope!!

AND California in 17 days!!!


So this is my first entry, ever on LJ, and I officially have one friend! You can see all of my interests ect on my page, because you have to friend me to see the rest of these. Will report back later,  with a much better entry, as I'm told that's what you do! Thanks for stopping by!

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